Athena Cyber Security Ltd

Athena Cyber Security Ltd. and Blue Ridge Networks Partner to Provide Global Industry-Leading Cybersecurity in United Kingdom

Patented cybersecurity solutions to provide cybersecurity to organizations in United Kingdom

February 1, 2021 – Chantilly, VA. –Blue Ridge Networks and Athena Cyber Security Ltd today announced that the two companies have established an alliance to provide proven endpoint and critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions for United Kingdom’s private and public sectors.

Blue Ridge Networks’ solutions are currently deployed by high profile government agencies and private entities in more than 120 countries. As part of this alliance, Blue Ridge Networks will provide Athena Security Ltd. with its core products AppGuard® and LinkGuard™. The introduction of these proven products will offer unprecedented protection against cyberattacks for Athena Security customers in the United Kingdom.

“Our suite of network infrastructure, remote access and endpoint cybersecurity solutions have been trusted to prevent cyberattacks and eliminate vulnerabilities for more than 20 years without experiencing one reported breach,” said Maureen Gray, Chief Operating Officer of Blue Ridge Networks. “We are proud to partner with Athena Cyber Security Ltd. and provide its customers with advanced solutions to protect against the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats.”

“Cybersecurity needs are evolving very rapidly, and our alliance with Blue Ridge Networks is a clear indication of our dedication to providing clients with Industry leading, best-in-class cyber security solutions,” Andrew Tyler-Holland (CEO) from Athena. “We are true believers in the AppGuard and LinkGuard ‘Zero Trust’ preventative solutions and we look forward to representing Blue Ridge Networks in the United Kingdom. ACS Ltd. will continue to work with our suppliers and clients to deliver safe, secure and trusted solutions to reinforce our dedicated commitment to their security needs.”