Blue Ridge Networks Announces the Next Generation of LinkGuard™ Client

Flagship remote security solution establishes secure remote access and enhanced security amid global pandemic

June 2, 2020 – Chantilly, VA – Blue Ridge Networks today announced that it has launched the next generation of LinkGuard™ Client, an easy to use cybersecurity solution that bolsters security for remote access and enables users to extend trusted connectivity to IIoT devices and enterprise networks.

The new LinkGuard Client will provide direct support to organizations navigating the unprecedented security challenges of remote employees in the wake of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. The exponential increase in employees accessing networks from potentially dangerous endpoints such as personal computers and unprotected WiFi networks, has created significant cybersecurity risk. As a result, new security gaps and vulnerabilities have emerged, which could lead to significant reputational and financial damage to organizations.

The new LinkGuard Client offers enhanced protection that mitigates remote work risk by providing the flexibility to work within an isolated virtual environment regardless of an end user’s physical location. The re-engineered LinkGuard Client includes new features that directly support the current work environment, while positioning customers to address any future remote work challenges.

Acting as a “zero-trust” security solution in a multi-layered, defense-in-depth cybersecurity environment, LinkGuard Client creates an encrypted tunnel that establishes a trusted connection between the endpoint and the network. This offering is compatible with most VPNs, VDI environments and SSL platforms, effortlessly wrapping them in a secure tunnel as needed. Additionally, as a seamless extension of the core LinkGuard Solution, it enables Blue Ridge Networks’ customers to easily enhance their security infrastructure to support remote workers, without disrupting their existing infrastructure or operational processes.

“The release of the new LinkGuard Client demonstrates our commitment to supporting the pressing needs of our customers,” said Mark Webber, Vice President of Sales at Blue Ridge Networks. “These unforeseen circumstances have caused a huge shift in the way businesses are operating and unfortunately put many at risk of falling victim to a cyberattack. The new version of LinkGuard Client will provide comprehensive protection for all companies from critical infrastructure operations to retailers, all of which require a remote security solution today and need to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.”